Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne North: duplication

I was proud during last year’s election campaign when Labor promised $48 million for the duplication of Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road. Following the election the local community has made its views on the matter loud and clear with a petition of more than 1000 signatures, and now every day more residents are joining the Facebook campaign to upgrade Narre Warren-Cranbourne road. Residents are frustrated by the long delays they face every day on the road, and they were fully supportive of Labor’s plan for an upgrade. It is unfortunate that these residents have been ignored by the Baillieu government.

I was interested to read two documents released to me by the minister’s office under freedom of information laws. Both are short briefing documents from VicRoads to the minister, one being a response to the petition I tabled and the other a response to correspondence from local residents. These documents indicate that the duplication of Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road is a priority project for VicRoads. What is concerning is that the minister does not appear to have sought any detailed advice on planning or design. The minister knows the project is a very high priority for VicRoads, he knows it was a major issue in last year’s election campaign, he knows thousands of residents want the upgrade to begin and he knows Casey council has it listed as its no. 1 road project.

I would like to give the minister another opportunity to properly discharge his role as the Minister for Roads. He knows very well that the duplication is a high priority, yet a year into the first term of the Baillieu government the minister has done nothing to ease the traffic congestion on Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road.

I strongly urge him to do as he said he would and fix the problem.