Narre Warren SES

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — There are few amongst us who deserve to be called heroes and few who deserve our respect and admiration, but the men and women of the Narre Warren State Emergency Service (SES) unit certainly do. These wonderful volunteers sacrifice so much so that during our most difficult times, when we need them the most, they are there for us.

Recently I joined more than 150 people to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this wonderful SES unit. Since its humble beginnings in June 2005 the unit has grown to over 40 volunteers, and it services an area of more than 400 square kilometres and 390 000 residents. Last year alone it responded to over 650 requests for assistance, which is a remarkable effort. It is an extraordinary team that always goes above and beyond for our diverse and ever-growing community.

One volunteer in particular was recognised for their dedicated service with the inaugural John Wall Award. This award is named after John Wall, who began volunteering with the Narre Warren SES unit in 2009 and had an immediate impact on his fellow volunteers. John was known for his caring and kind personality and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Judy Wall spoke of her dedicated husband and read his ode with her son, David, daughter-in-law, Sambat, and granddaughter Scarlett. Just like John, the inaugural winner, Tony Jackson, was nominated for his willingness to provide guidance and assistance and for always going above and beyond. Well done, Tony. Tony is just one of the many extraordinary men and women who make up the team in Narre Warren.

Thank you to Clinton Brown, Lee Dickinson, Amy Brand and Tim Howell for their efforts in putting on such a wonderful night and to every volunteer for always being there for us. We can never thank you enough.