Narre Warren South P-12 College

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — My adjournment matter is the for Minister for Education and concerns Narre Warren South P–12 College. The action I seek is that the minister joins me in visiting this fantastic local school to meet its talented musicians. The school has recently established an exciting and innovative Fusion music program for its year 7 students. This has already led to the school winning the junior category of the Battle of the Bands competition, and the students will be heading off to the state championships later this year. I saw the kids in action recently; they really are something else, and I wish them well.

I noticed when I visited the school that the school auditorium probably needs a bit of a makeover too, and the Narre Warren South community, which is a very diverse community, would also benefit from a fit-for-purpose performing arts space, so I will be working on this project with the school to achieve that in the future. I have met with the hardworking principal, Rob Duncan, to discuss this proposal, and I know he is ready and willing to make this vision a reality. He wants to see his students, all 2030 of them — yes, 2030 students — have access to the very best facilities, which would match the school’s outstanding educational programs. I do hope the minister will join me in visiting the school to see how successfully the school is using its equity funding to provide enhanced and innovative learning opportunities for every one of its students. I have no doubt that he will be starstruck by the talent on display.

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