National Partnership Funding

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — The Baillieu government must cease its assault on our education system and immediately hand over federal funding destined for Victorian public schools for achieving benchmarks under the national literacy and numeracy partnership.

Fountain Gate Primary School has not only met its targets, it has exceeded them, due to the hard work and commitment of its teachers and students; yet it has received nothing.

 Jennifer Duggan, the principal, said:

… that the successful project that generated the
improved results had to be scrapped and other cutbacks needed to be put in

She added:

To have significant success in a disadvantaged community and then be let down by the system breeds cynicism and disheartens the teachers who work every day to narrow the gap between the ‘haves and have-nots’.

Kambrya College, Narre Warren South P-12 College, Lyndhurst Secondary College and Fountain Gate Secondary College have also missed out. Students and teachers alike from these wonderful schools have worked very hard to improve their literacy and numeracy, yet instead of being rewarded they have been ripped off by Mr Baillieu. Schools right across Victoria have had their share of $57.4 million of federal government money pocketed by this shameless government.

Vicki Walters, principal of Fountain Gate Secondary College, told me that she had employed both a numeracy and a literacy coach as she had expected to receive the funding her students and staff had rightfully earnt.

Unfortunately the funding was withheld and Ms Walters had no choice but to use funds from Fountain Gate’s school resource package.

I ask the minister where the money has gone.

It is time for the minister to come clean and tell us what the Baillieu government will do with this funding that rightly belongs to our local schools. These schools have worked hard to earn this funding, and they deserve to be rewarded.