Pound and Shrives Roads Intersection

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — My adjournment matter is for the attention of the Minister for Roads and concerns the intersection of Pound and Shrives roads in Hampton Park. The action I seek is that the minister commit to provide funding for safety improvements at this intersection in the upcoming state budget.

Just a few weeks ago we saw yet another avoidable accident at the intersection of Pound
and Shrives roads. Local residents were once again forced to put up with further delays because this government refuses to listen and take action.

I am constantly contacted by local residents who are sick and tired of finding themselves stuck in traffic at this dangerous and heavily congested intersection. Motorists attempting to turn right onto Pound Road often face the longest delays, that inevitably lead to frustration and risk taking.

This can and will often end in disaster, as was seen just a few weeks ago. Again, residents
are still using the petrol station as a thoroughfare, which is dangerous not to mention unacceptable to the petrol station proprietor.

I have raised this matter with the minister on behalf of local residents and the city of
Casey on numerous occasions, and yet nothing has been done. The minister’s
responses have been woefully inadequate.

In response to my last request on this very issue the minister advised that improvements to this intersection were unlikely to be permitted in the short term. How comforting those words are to those who find themselves stuck in traffic at this intersection every single
day! How comforting to those loved ones who are victims of the terrible car
accidents that happen at this intersection!

It is clear that this intersection and the safety of local residents are simply not
priorities of this dysfunctional and do-nothing government; yet if we look at
the City of Casey’s arterial road priorities plan, this intersection is listedm as a major priority.

The City of Casey is seeking immediate safety improvements to this intersection, including
the reduction of the speed limit through the intersection, installation of advanced warning signage and traffic signals. It understands just how dangerous and congested this intersection is each and every day. It understands that works are urgently needed to improve safety and reduce congestion at this intersection.

Local residents should not be put at risk or forced to spend more time travelling and
less time with their families because of this government’s failures.

It is time the minister and indeed the Napthine government made fixing local roads a
priority. This issue is not going to disappear. I am not going to stop advocating for the project until the Pound Road-Shrives Road intersection is fixed.

I ask that the minister commit to providing funding for safety improvements at the intersection of Pound and Shrives roads in the upcoming state budget.