Pound and Shrives Roads Intersection

Ms GRALEY – Just last week I had the great pleasure of announcing that the Andrews Labor government has provided $5.2 million to upgrade the notoriously dangerous and congested intersection of Pound and Shrives roads in Hampton Park. As part of the Safe System Road Infrastructure Program the intersection will be converted into a two-lane roundabout.

This was the culmination of years of hard work by so many within our local community. We were sick and tired of the ever-worsening congestion and constant accidents that plagued this intersection. Yet in four years did the previous conservative government take action? Did it heed the calls of local residents? Did it even lift a finger? No. It did absolutely nothing, despite the community’s concerns and despite my efforts to get it to pay attention.

I raised the matter in Parliament, I wrote to both the former Minister for Roads and Ports and the former Treasurer, and I collected signatures for several petitions that were all presented to this very chamber. We were ignored.

Throughout this time I regularly spoke to our then shadow Minister for Roads, and we both agreed that action must be taken. Within only 70 days of being sworn in, we are
starting work. We are getting on with the job of upgrading this intersection and making our roads safer.

Many people were involved in our campaign, including: local resident Kylie Christmas, who spent years collecting countless signatures; Tony O’Hara and Warren Calder from the
Hampton Park roads committee; Derek Gardner, another local resident and fierce advocate, who I believe has written to me more often than any other; Michele Halsall and Simon Difilippo, who were always fighting with me; and finally Vanassa Gerdes and Erica Maliki, tireless advocates for everything that is Hampton Park.

Thank you to everyone who joined our campaign. We did it! It is a great illustration of how the Andrews Labor government is getting on with it.