St Kevin’s Primary School

Ms GRALEY(Narre Warren South) — I rise to recognise the outstanding work being done at St Kevin’s Primary School in Hampton Park by principal Anni Miers and her fantastic team.

Each time I visit the school and speak with Anni I am so very impressed by her genuine compassion, dedication and commitment to her staff, students and the entire school community. They are in good hands. Their teachers create a safe and happy environment in which the children are valued, praised and encouraged to have a go. All are welcome, and there is a wonderful sense of community — a feeling the wonderful St Kevin’s Parish and its priest, Father Albert Yogarajah, have done much to foster.

This year the school introduced Indonesian as part of its language program. Indonesian was chosen as Indonesia is Australia’s closest neighbour and will play an important role in the development of the country and our region in the future. As part of the program senior students will teach their younger counterparts.

Last year students had the opportunity to work with Enable Group and Engineers Without Borders to gain an insight into the needs of developing countries. Students had to design a bathroom that would be both sustainable and accessible to the aged, sight impaired and disabled. Students also played an important role in the design of the school’s new sacred garden, which opened on Harmony Day last year. They were responsible for designing the garden’s tiles, which represent the common values of the St Kevin’s community. It is a truly special place.

The school is also hard at work on its rebuilding program. It is looking at developing a pre-learning hub that will create a welcoming place for parents to learn with their children. It is a great initiative. Anni and her team have an outstanding vision. I love visiting them, and I look forward to working with them to ensure that they can continue their fine work. God bless the St Kevin’s Primary School community.