Thompsons Road

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — This week Victorians have witnessed the Parliament turn into a farce, as a dysfunctional government lurched from crisis to crisis.

On Tuesday in this Parliament, the Minister for Public Transport and Minister for Roads in an unbelievable and embarrassing performance failed to commit to any further funding for roads in Casey. Nor was consideration given to providing a transport plan for one of
Victoria’s fastest growing areas or a commitment to funding an upgrade of Thompsons Road.

Thompsons Road, a key arterial road and important east-west link for local residents and businesses, is in desperate need of duplication. Villawood Properties has established the wonderful Marriott Waters estate, which includes a new shopping centre, on the corner of Thompsons Road and Western Port Highway.

To its credit it has done significant work on the entrance from Thompsons Road onto Lyndhurst Boulevard, but it is not up to it to fix the rest of Thompsons Road. An upgrade is needed to deliver improved pedestrian facilities for local residents to alleviate congestion and improve safety at the intersection of Thompsons Road and Western Port Highway.

There are now 24 000 vehicles using this section of Thompsons Road each and every day — well in excess of the traffic volumes that would normally trigger duplication. We have also seen a worsening safety record on this section of road, with 48 casualty collisions in the five-year period to 31 December 2011. This includes 2 fatal and 18 serious injury collisions.

Action needs to be taken, but all we get from the Minister for Roads is an inconsiderate lecture on why we should be grateful for the upgrade of the NarreĀ  Warren-Cranbourne
Road, which this hopeless government has not even started, and how he looks forward to cutting the ribbon.

The minister needs to forget about ceremonies and get the shovels out. This dysfunctional government, now with a back-to-the-future leader, needs to start working for the residents of Casey.