Thompsons Road Duplication

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety and concerns Thompsons Road. The action I seek is that the minister ensure that funding is provided in the upcoming state budget to complete the long-awaited duplication of Thompsons Road — a much-needed project that the previous Liberal government failed and refused to even consider until its last desperate days.

Instead it is the Andrews Labor government which is getting on with duplicating Thompsons Road between EastLink and Clyde Road in Cranbourne. This is yet another election commitment this hardworking government is delivering for the local community. We have already provided $21 million to undertake vital planning and preconstruction work, which includes design development, environmental studies, traffic modelling, utility service investigations and stakeholder engagement.

It is a project that I and the local community campaigned tirelessly to see become a reality after years of inaction and excuses by the previous government. Not one new roads project was completed in Casey during its wasted years in office. Yet the City of Casey was curiously silent during this time, despite the very real need for investment in our local roads. Instead, during the 2014 election campaign we got a number of very large signs supporting the east–west link — nothing about Thompsons Road, Hallam Road or even the intersection of Pound and Shrives roads.

I must say that it was not only me who was shocked by this extraordinary waste of ratepayers money. Numerous local residents contacted my office to express their disbelief, shock and disgust at such waste. Now in a large wraparound in one of our local papers I have seen that the City of Casey is campaigning for funding for the duplication of Thompsons Road. In this wraparound the Casey mayor, Cr Sam Aziz, states that the council is:

… seeking a funding commitment to fully duplicate Thompsons Rd (beyond the $20m earmarked for planning by the state government) …

I can assure the City of Casey that, unlike the previous government, this government does things the right way. We do the planning first, we get it right and then we deliver on the project that we have promised to do. If the City of Casey cannot work that out, I suggest it just does not want to. We will not be wasting money on large signs for projects on the other side of the city — that is for sure — or expensive wraparounds using ratepayers money for our own political aggrandisement. Our Minister for Roads and Road Safety is on the job and will ensure that this project delivers for the local community.