Western Bulldogs

27 October 2016

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — The Herald Sun says in four magnificent weeks in the spring of 2016 the Western Bulldogs rewrote the history of the greatest of days — a premiership for the Western Bulldogs. It was truly one for the ages. We are the reigning premiers. The 22 fearless young men were led by magnificent acting captain Easton Wood and included Jason Johannisen, Joel Hamling, Matthew Boyd, Shane Biggs, Dale Morris, Lachie Hunter, Marcus Bontempelli, Liam Picken, Jackson Macrae, Zaine Cordy, Jake Stringer, Tory Dickson, Tom Boyd, Clay Smith, Jordan Roughead, Luke Dahlhaus, Tom Liberatore, Toby McLean, Fletcher Roberts, Josh Dunkley and Caleb Daniel. When the Bont said, ‘Why not us?’, I thought, ‘He’s right’. And now it is. It is us.

Exuberant and heartfelt thanks to the coaching staff, led by our Diamond Dog Luke Beveridge and his team of Joel Corey, Stewart Edge, Ashley Hansen, Steven King, Chris Maple and club legends Daniel Giansiracusa and Rohan Smith, not to forget the director of football — my Aunty Peg’s and my favourite player of all time — Chris Grant. Thanks as well to Jason McCartney, Simon Dalrymple, Mat Innes, Graham Lowe, Ben Graham, Andy Barnett and Chris Bell.

Thanks to the club doctors Jacob Landsberger and Gary Zimmerman for combined service of more than 40 years, CEO Gary Kent for steering the ship and Danny McGinlay for his brilliant banners that made you laugh out loud, settling your nerves. To our spiritual leader, Bob Murphy: no thanks are enough, nor would they ever do your efforts justice. You helped us all keep the faith. As Caroline Wilson wrote in the Sunday Age, ‘the heart emerged victorious’, or to use Teddy Whitten’s famous words, ‘We stuck it up ’em’.